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Welcome to my site dedicated to providing honest, weight lifting shoes reviews. But more than just that. Crossfit shoes, bodybuilding shoes and more. If it has a purpose in the gym, I’m covering it!

Some people might wonder why they need a shoe for the gym and have been going just fine in a pair of regular running or tennis shoes.

There are some serious issues with wearing shoes that are not meant for the gym that will hold you back.

Important factors in weightlifting shoes


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The raised heel is a defining factor of any lifting shoe

Weightlifting shoes are designed for one purpose, and that is lifting weights. To do a good job of that, they have to support your shoe with a firm, flat sole that is designed to NOT compress under heavy loads. A tennis or running shoe is designed to absorb impact from a repeated action and cushion your foot, which leads to a highly compressible sole designed to mitigate shock.

They are totally different purposes. A compressed sole makes for less power and stability in the lift which makes squatting or deadlifts harder, and less safe overall. I remember back before I bought my first pair of lifting shoes and having the sole of my shoe get spongy and moving around. It was less than ideal.

Overall design

Sole of the Adidas Adipower

Sole of the Adidas Adipower; notice the features

The best lifting shoes will have a wider toe box, and a method of fastening your foot in the shoe to minimize movement. A strap is the most common form of this. Some shoes also feature a raised heel, which helps a lot with not only leverage, but ankle mobility as well. This is a feature I personally am a fan of, but is not necessary for a good lifting shoe.

Some have flat soles, which may be more of an advantage for a deadlift than a squat. Either can be used in both lifts, it just depends on your personal preference.

In shoes that are not designed for lifting, you often lack these features that give you stability and power in the lift.


Adidas Adipower, one of the best lifting shoes

The Adipower is a top of the line lifting shoe for all of these reasons

This point piggybacks on the above nicely! There’s a reason that different shoes exist for different activities, right? A pair of cleats for soccer/baseball/football allows the player’s foot to be supported and dig into the ground.

A tennis shoe provides a stable footing and braces the ankle to prevent it from rolling. So why not wear a dedicated shoe for lifting weights? It’s the exact same principle. If you want solid performance in the gym, having bodybuilding shoes is a must.

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Even more reasons to have the best shoes for lifting weights

I consider them extremely important for anyone who goes to the gym on a regular basis and performs compound lifts like the squat and deadlift. I bought my first pair of shoes for squatting pretty soon after I started being a regular lifter and I wanted to be comfortable while I was putting weight on my back. And it’s been one of my best decisions I’ve made so far since I started lifting weights years ago.

They didn’t just improve my lifting capacity and comfort, but also my enjoyment of the gym tremendously. There’s a reason that they are such a staple for so many people in the gym.

The great thing about finding the best lifting shoes is how diverse the shoe market is. If you are strictly into power lifting, there are shoes for that. If you do CrossFit, there are also shoes for that. If you are more of a general weight lifter, you’re covered as well. You get the idea! Pricing is also very flexible, with plenty of mid-range to higher priced shoes, so the barrier to entry is not high from the get go if your budget is limited.

Here’s a great list I’ve made for cheap weightlifting shoes, all of them except for one pair being under a hundred dollars. The choice of how big you want to go from the start is entirely yours. It’s great because you have the ability to make an informed decision for YOUR needs, and that’s where this site comes in to help you pick a shoe that does the job you need it to.

Some of the old school greats squatting,It might surprise you to know that these are a lot of nuanced things to be aware of when it comes to purchasing a weight lifting shoe.

Factors like weight, straps, is the heel raised, is the shoe wide or narrow, what kind of sizing are the toes, what is the pattern on the sole etc.

All of these seemingly small factors combine into what ultimately defines the quality and feel of the shoe.

Just changing one is like changing the ingredients of a cake, it changes what comes out in the end product. And matching that end result to your personal needs is what will make a shoe for squatting good for you!

To summarize why the best lifting shoes will help you reach your goals

There are so many reasons for you to get the best shoes for squatting possible if you are a regular at the gym or looking to become one.

Normal running or tennis shoes just don’t provide the necessary support you need to lift weights safely and efficiently.

Weightlifting shoes reviews are a crucial part of finding the right pair for your needs.

It is my hope that this site helps you to make an informed decision that you can feel like you know exactly what you are getting with a shoe and nothing surprises you about it.

My goal is to provide an experienced lifter’s most objective perspective on the shoes that you might have trouble finding in the store or even online, without the fluff of someone just trying to make a sale.