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Best Olympic Lifting Shoes

Having the best olympic lifting shoes possible is extremely helpful for keeping progress consistent and form on point. The criteria for them is just a little bit different from a regular lifting shoe because of the different exercises an Olympic lifter is going to do. Seems pretty obvious, right? Here are the main things I’m… Read More »

Best Weight Lifting Shoes

My criteria for the best weight lifting shoes is price, features, and performance. For a shoe to be good for the gym it needs to hit that perfect combination of factors that set it above the rest. Of course, personal preferance will also play a roll in what the best shoe is for you. Whether you’re… Read More »

The Best Deadlift Shoes

The best deadlift shoes will put you as close as possible to the ground with a flat heel. Not that you can’t do them with a raised heel, but it is a little more difficult for sure. I can definitely tell a difference personally when my heels are flat as it makes it much easier… Read More »

Lifting Shoes for Beginners

How to find good lifting shoes for beginners It can be hard to tell what the right pair of lifting shoes is for a beginner. Between the actual features and advertising hype, what actually matters? With a little guidance anyone can find good lifting shoes for their needs in the gym. Everyone has different needs… Read More »

Why You Aren’t Deadlifting More Weight

Today I want to share with you the guaranteed way to deadlift more weight in no time flat. Before I go any further, I have to warn you that this is a method that people have neglected to share and have kept secret for many years. Are you ready for it? Deadlift more. Alright, I’ll… Read More »

Women’s Lifting Shoes

What are the options when it comes to women’s weightlifting shoes? Lifting shoes for women are a little bit harder to find than shoes for men. If I had to guess it’s probably just due to supply and demand, more men lift weights than women. However, there are definitely some great lifting shoes out there… Read More »

Cheap Weightlifting Shoes in 2017

So you are looking for a pair of cheap weightlifting shoes. Maybe you’re a beginner lifter looking to take your lifts to the next level, or you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes for the gym. Either way, there are some good options out there for you… Read More »

Best Weightlifting Socks

Using the best weightlifting socks are always a good idea in the gym. They help keep your shoe tightly fitted as well as protect your shins from getting scraped while deadlifting and performing other exercises. (Bloody shins may look cool on powerlifting competitors, but are not fun to actually have) Not to mention, they can… Read More »

Best CrossFit Shoes

There are a lot of great CrossFit weightlifting shoes out there. A lot of different brands offer their take on a lifting shoe for CrossFit, but what’s the difference between a shoe meant for it or strictly weightlifting? The sole of the shoe makes all the difference! A shoe for weightlifting will have a more… Read More »

Squatting Without Shoes – Worth it?

Should you do it? Squatting without shoes is an interesting approach to the squat. It takes away all the factors of a shoe and directly connects you with the ground. But does that make it a good thing, and is it worth doing? That’s a good question. In this article I will tell you the… Read More »

Deadlift or Squat – Which Should You Do?

Deadlift or Squat Both lifts are crazy challenging, but are they worth doing? Before I go into the meat of the article, I do highly recommend having a pair of weightlifting shoes for these exercises. It is very important to have a stable base if you have a lot of weight on your back, or… Read More »