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VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe 2 Review

  Recently the VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe 2 was released and I gotta say…wow. I haven’t seen much about them online and they definitely deserve some buzz on this one. The scoop is that they kept the fundamentals that made the first shoe great (heel height, double straps), while giving them a sleek modern look… Read More »

Adidas Powerlift 3 Review

The Adidas Powerlift 3 is the latest weightlifting shoe in the Powerlift line. For those of you not familiar, this is Adidas’ mid-range shoe that performs excellently. Even when compared to the higher end shoes, they hold their own. I need to preface this review by saying this: My first lifting shoe was the Original… Read More »

Reebok Lifter 2.0 Review

The Reebok Lifter 2.0 is possibly one of the best shoes for CrossFit around. Its great design of a raised heel, flexible forefoot, and strap make it ideal for high movement workouts. However, from what I’ve read a lot of people tend to have misconceptions about what this shoe is for. But more on that… Read More »

Adidas Leistung Review

The most unconventional weightlifting shoe out there The Adidas Leistung seems to divide people into two groups immediately upon seeing it. Those who think it looks cool, and those who think it’s as ugly as they come. Personally I had mixed feelings at first, but I actually really like the look of it now. One… Read More »

Nike Romaleos 2 Review

The Nike Romaleo 2 weightlifting shoe are Nike’s flagship lifting shoe. Built lightweight and very tough, the shoe it competes the most with is the Adidas Adipower. Let’s see how the shoe stacks up, and if it’s worth adding to your gym bag! First off, as with any weightlifting shoe one of the most important… Read More »

Adidas Adipower Review

The Adidas Adipower  is the next step up from the adidas Powerlift.2. But if you place these two shoes next to each other, they look nearly identical! And the Adipower costs roughly $100 more dollars. What is the reasoning for this, and does it make it a superior shoe for lifting? Find out if the… Read More »

Women’s Lifting Shoes

What are the options when it comes to women’s weightlifting shoes? Lifting shoes for women are a little bit harder to find than shoes for men. If I had to guess it’s probably just due to supply and demand, more men lift weights than women. However, there are definitely some great lifting shoes out there… Read More »

Adidas Powerlift 2.0 Review

I’ll start this off by putting it plainly: I am an Adidas fan. I have never had a bad experience with their products and the Powerlift 2.0 is no exception to that. These are light weight and have the wide, raised base you would expect from a lifting shoe. The construction is great, and even… Read More »

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe Review

The VS Athletics weightlifting shoe is designed for specifically for olympic lifts and might look a little bit rough around the edges. The real question is, how does it perform? And the short answer is yes. Function over form is the case here, and let’s be real: who cares how a shoe looks if it… Read More »

Adidas Drehkraft Review

The Adidas Drehkraft is a significant departure from most weight lifting shoes that I’ve seen. Instead of laces or a strap, It uses a unique”boa” lacing system to secure your feet in place. I’ve seen this in a few other shoes, but this was the shoe that exposed me to it. But how does that… Read More »

Inov 8 FastLift 335 Review

The Inov-8 FastLift 335  is the British company’s entry into the weightlifting shoe market. I have not heard much about this company prior to checking out the shoe so it was very interesting to research. It seems to fit the bill for most people who have ordered it with a lot of favorable reviews, so… Read More »

Pendlay Do-Win Review

The Pendlay Do Win is one of the most standout lifting shoes on the market. The Do-win is built for weightlifting performance, and great for any kind of lifting from squats to olympic lifts. Pendlay is an established weightlifting company that also manufactures weights and other lifting equipment, giving them a very unique presence when… Read More »

Otomix Shoes Review

The Otomix weightlifting shoes are one of the more interesting shoes that I have come across. They are made of leather, which is unusual for lifting shoes and I like that a lot. Leather adds a lot of flexibility in a shoe, while retaining some strength. Also interesting to note is that they aren’t just… Read More »

adidas Women’s Powerlift.2 Review

The adidas Performance Women’s Powerlift 2 W Weightlifting Shoe is the women’s version of the adidas Men’s Powerlift 2 Trainer Review. (I guess that was pretty obvious from the name, right?) But is it as good as its male counterpart that has received a ton of praise for its performance and price? Follow my riveting… Read More »

Reebok Crossfit Lite Review

The Reebok Crossfit Lite are weight lifting shoes geared towards normal lifting and CrossFit lifters alike. The first thing I noticed about them was their striking resemblance to Chuck Taylor’s. But how do they hold up against those, and are they good shoes for squatting? Where a flat sole shoe really excels is the deadlift.… Read More »