Reebok Lifter 2.0 Review

By | June 8, 2016 | Last updated: June 8, 2016

Reebok Lifter 2.0 Review

The Reebok Lifter 2.0 is possibly one of the best shoes for CrossFit around. Its great design of a raised heel, flexible forefoot, and strap make it ideal for high movement workouts.

However, from what I’ve read a lot of people tend to have misconceptions about what this shoe is for. But more on that later! For now let’s look at some of the features in more detail.

Getting into the nitty gritty of the Reebok Lifter 2.0

  • Heel height

The Reebok Lifter has an effective heel height of .75″ which is great for assisting in lifts like the snatch or clean and jerk. However, a complaint that I’ve seen online is that the heel is not firm enough for doing these exercises heavy. Of course it isn’t! CrossFit requires a flexible shoe and if they had a typical oly shoe heel they would not be suited for the movement that it requires. I’m not saying the heel is bad, but if you are primarily concerned with Olympic lifts, get a shoe designed for them like the Romaleo 2 or Adipower.

  • Flexibility

It is immediately apparent when you look at the shoe from the side that it is designed for flexibility. Notice how the sole curves upwards towards the toe of the shoe. A shoe meant purely for weightlifting will not have a curve like that. I don’t mean that as a knock, but rather a plus because it is designed for it! They are definitely not for jogging though as they are still rigid enough to support lifting.

  • Strap

I know it seems like a small feature, but a strap is such a crucial part of any shoe that is meant for lifting weights. It is incredibly important that your foot isn’t sliding around while performing a lift and a strap ensures you have stability.

Reebok Lifter 2.0 Sole

Smaller things that I like about it

Reebok really didn’t skimp on the design of the shoe. Not only does it look good, but there are a ton of colors to choose from. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you know that I like being able to choose different colors! It totally wouldn’t affect my decision to purchase a shoe. Totally wouldn’t.

More seriously though, the price is borderline cheap which is always a nice incentive. I can’t list it here because of technicalities, but you will definitely have to pay more for most other shoes. I’m always looking for the best deals on shoes so when I see that one doesn’t break the bank I have to restrain myself!

Unlike other Reebok shoes I have reviewed that also have the CrossFit branding, these are exceptionally designed for it. All of the features of the shoe tie in so well together to do the job.

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There’s also the women’s version

Womens Reebok Lifter 2.0

Not often does a company make two versions of the same shoe. I think it’s pretty cool because it solves issues like sizing and also offers the shoe in a nice bright pink.

I know those aren’t huge differences, but the real interesting one is that they weigh different amounts! The men’s version weighs 14.1 ounces while the women’s weighs 12.6. It’s not the kind of difference that is shocking or anything, but a light weight shoe is always good!

Lighter shoes are just more comfortable to wear, and if you are doing cardio you don’t want to be wearing any more weight on your feet than is absolutely necessary.

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Overall opinion of the Reebok Lifter 2.0

Reebok Lifter 2.0 Side View

Reebok did a great job of designing a shoe that performs for excellently for CrossFit and still be used for general compound lifting. The shoe has all the important qualities you would expect from a lifting shoe with a more flexible sole to allow it to perform as advertised.

However, if you are strictly doing powerlifting lifts I would recommend getting a shoe that is specialized for that purpose alone. If you are not doing that then I’m sure this shoe will be fine, but if you want to get every bit of performance possible for heavy squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts I would recommend getting a dedicated lifting shoe for that.

You might be wondering why, and the main reason I’m saying this is because the sole is more flexible to be comfortable for cardio/high movement exercises. And it’s not a knock on this shoe at all, because it has glowing reviews and does what it’s advertised and marketed towards! Specialization is just something to be aware of, and totally depends on your goals in the gym. I’m always a fan of a shoe that does what it’s advertised to!

The Reebok Lifter 2.0 are a great shoe for CrossFit and are very reasonably priced. It is hard to go wrong with them as long as you know what you want from a lifting shoe. I recommend them if you are a CrossFitter or even someone who just wants a more diverse shoe that is capable of more than just stationary lifting.

They do an excellent all around job at everything, while offering plenty of stylish colors to choose from at the same time.