Adidas Adipower Review

By | June 2, 2016 | Last updated: June 16, 2016

Adidas Adipower Review

The Adidas Adipower  is the next step up from the adidas Powerlift.2. But if you place these two shoes next to each other, they look nearly identical! And the Adipower costs roughly $100 more dollars. What is the reasoning for this, and does it make it a superior shoe for lifting?

Find out if the Adipower is worth the additional money and will make a difference in your lifts!

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Differences between the Adidas Adipower and Powerlift 2

Let’s start by looking the main differences of the two shoes. The first difference is that the Powerlift.2’s have a .6” heel, while the Adipower has a .75” heel.

With a higher heel it makes it easier to go deeper in the squat and gives you more of that crucial stability for weightlifting movements.

You wouldn’t think that a .15 inch difference would be that significant, but it DOES in fact make a difference in feel and flexibility. Of course this is less of an issue if you have good ankle mobility, but most people need to work on that! (myself included)

Adidas Adipower Heel

The next main difference, is that the sole of the Adipower’s is harder to than the Powerlift’s to compress. The Adipower sole is made of TPU which is a higher grade synthetic. Essentially it’s got the edge of better build quality.

However, for 96% of people (Yes, I made up that percentage on the spot) I don’t consider this to be an issue. Both shoes are built for weight lifting, so it’s not like comparing the compression of a lifting shoe heel to a running shoe heel. It won’t be an incredible difference that makes you question why you bought the Powerlift 2 or anything.

It’s a small difference that to the right person is worth it. (Strong powerlifting goals in the gym, for example)

The rest of the shoe is rather standard for a weight lifting shoe, and the quality you would expect from Adidas. A lot of people consider the Adipower to be the “gold standard” of weight lifting shoes, and while it would be impossible to go wrong with either model, it will last you for many years.

They have been making weight lifting shoes for a long time so it’s got a design that has been proven to be effective and refined from years of producing. And I have to admit, the designs and colors they offer are very good looking.

Adidas Adipower Sole

In conclusion, the Adipower…

So it boils down to how serious you are about weightlifting and personal preference.

I think they’re a great purchase as an entry level shoe or for an advanced lifer trying to get the most performance possible.

That’s a rare thing to be able to say about a lifting shoe in my opinion. If money is a factor then you won’t regret going with the Powerlifts either, though. They are my main lifting shoe (have been for four years) and I will use them until I have an excuse to upgrade to the Adipowers.

I don’t do the clean and jerk or snatch much so it just isn’t quite as important to me at this point.

Adidas Adipower Top View

To me you are paying for a performance increase and slightly better build quality. And that’s not to make the Adipower’s sound bad at all, because it is a top of the line weight lifting shoe in my book.

However, for most people it won’t make a huge difference. If you are a powerlifter or olympic lifter trying to squeeze out every pound possible, then this is a great shoe for an upgrade!

This review became more of a comparison than intended it to be, but I see that as the best way to differentiate the two and tell you WHY they are different rather than just give a nearly identical review due to the extremely similar nature of them.

Enjoy, and check them out on Amazon for yourself to do further comparisons and see what other people have to say!

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