Best Weightlifting Socks in 2022

By | July 16, 2022

Weightlifter with bloody shins doing deadlift

Weightlifting socks are always a must for any heavy lifting session.

Here are my weightlifting sock recommendations to check out in no particular order:

BrandLengthCostView it
Under Armour All Sport PerformanceOver the calf$See More
MOXYKnee high$$See More
AdidasShin high$$See More

Under Armour weightlifting socks

Let’s start with the Under Armour socks.

They are taller than average compression socks made of a great mix that is 83% Polyester.

I was surprised when I came across these because I use to avoid Under Armour for being a little bit more expensive than other clothing companies.

However, that’s not the case with these.

Also, since purchasing more Under Armour apparel, I have to say I am very satisfied with how well everything is lasting. Built well and comfortable.

They are actually the cheapest on the list, although none of the socks are particularly expensive.

These would be a great choice for the gym or any sport because the length is right and they are well made.

I haven’t had a bad experience with Under Armour clothing, so for a middle of the road price on some olympic weightlifting socks look no further.

View on Amazon

MOXY Knee High Performance

These socks were designed with deadlifts in mind.

They are high quality and very thick to ensure that the bar does not scrape your shin on the way up.

They are also a little longer than the Under Armour socks as they come up to the knees. Great for crushing some lifts at the gym, but I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing them outside of there.

They also have a fantastic length for weightlifting competition. That being said, my favorite part of this sock is all the designs they have for them!

You can show some personality instead of plain socks which is pretty cool.

Look at some of these designs:

MOXY deadlift socks

If you’re a serious powerlifter and want some protection, these deadlift socks are the way to go.

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Adidas Men’s Cushioned Crew Socks

These aren’t marketed as weightlifting socks by definition, but they are the main pair that I wear to the gym so they made the list anyway.

They look and feel great (as you would expect from a cushioned sock) and I find that they do a fine job protecting my shins while I’m lifting.

One of my favorite things about these socks is they aren’t as thin as some of my other ‘athletic’ socks. This has two main benefits:

  • Basic protection from scrapes
  • Better fit inside my shoes

Obviously, they don’t offer near the protection that the MOXY socks do as they don’t come up as high.

They get the job done for me without being overly heavy though.

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My thoughts on all of these socks

That’s really about it when it comes to weightlifting socks on Amazon.

And since they are just socks, it’s easy to break down:

The Under Armour socks are a little bit more affordable and all-purpose, and the MOXY are made specifically for deadlifting and offer more padding.

The adidas are a little bit more pricey, but extremely comfortable and multi-purpose.

As long as the socks come up reasonably high and are sufficiently thick,  they will get the job done.

I’m the kind of person who likes clothing designed for specifically for what I’m doing. That being said, it’s not the biggest necessity in this case.

Here’s the key to finding good socks for the gym:

  • Moderate to high thickness
  • Height (They come up past your shins, or close to it)

The thickness has two purposes: to prevent your foot from moving around in the shoe (in the case that the fit isn’t the best) and protecting your leg from the bar.

The height of the sock is just to increase the area you are protected from the bar coming up on deadlifts.

They’ll also double as massive sweat catchers. (If you sweat a lot, make sure you wash them on time)

Personal preference is key as well, because if you’re not comfortable then what’s the point.

I think all three socks here should offer everyone a viable option.

At the very least, hopefully, give you an idea of what you want to get out of a workout sock for the gym.

As long as those two conditions are met, you will be good to go and ready to lift some weights with the best weightlifting socks possible!

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