Adidas Lifting Shoes

By | July 27, 2021

Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

Adidas lifting shoes are some of the most popular when it comes to lifting shoes, doing extremely well with pretty much every shoe they put out.

Most of their shoes are for men, however, there is a women’s version of the Powerlift 2.0 which is a great shoe.

I think the main difference between the models for the genders is just sizing and maybe marketing, as the women’s Powerlift 2.0s offer different colors not available in the men’s. Otherwise, they are the same.

I’m going to give summaries of each of these excellent shoes, but if you are looking for more details I have also reviewed each one! I will include links to these with each shoe so you can check it out if you want to know more.

Adidas lifting shoes

Before I jump into describing each shoe though, I want to start with what they have in common.

  • Quality

Adidas lifting shoes are the kind of quality you would expect from such a large brand name. Even though they use synthetic materials over more expensive ones like leather, the construction of each pair is excellent. Good construction means good performance, leading to better lifts and lasting you a long time before they need to be replaced.

They aren’t a heavy shoe, they are fairly lightweight as a result of the synthetic materials. It’s nice not to feel like you’re clunking around in bricks while you’re at the gym. All Adidas shoes feature a rubber sole that is extremely tough and designed to grip the floor.

They have been in the shoe game for a while and their products reflect that.

  • Color selection

Even though it’s not the most important factor of a lifting shoe, I like the amount of color choices you have with Adidas weightlifting shoes. A lot of brands just have one to two colors to choose from and that’s it.

The men’s Powerlift 2.0’s in particular offer a TON of different colors, which is pretty cool in my opinion. One of the main reasons for this is the size of the audience. The larger the target audience, generally the more options a company will provide.

  • Purpose

I feel like it’s an important distinction to make when there are so many shoes out there, that these are strictly for weightlifting. I would not use them to walk around in, or even use for CrossFit. Now, could you use them for these activities?

Of course, but they are not designed for them. You really need a shoe with a more flexible sole when it comes to these types of activities. It will be uncomfortable and wear them down much faster than if they are strictly used for compound lifts.

The Adidas Powerlift 2.0

Adidas Men's Powerlift 2.0 Weightlifting Shoe

The Powerlift 2.0s’ are their mid-range shoe, available for less than $100. They provide an excellent choice for someone who is getting more serious about lifting and wants a pair of shoes without breaking the bank and still getting a quality shoe.

If I were to recommend anyone new to lifting a pair of shoes, these would be the ones.

You would have a tough time finding a comparable shoe at that price, and they often go on sale at Amazon.

The heel profile (how high the heel goes) is great for squatting, and isn’t so high that it would be an issue for deadlifts either.

The rubber sole also provides a great grip for the floor on squats and bench press.

The main difference between these and the adiPowers is that the heel construction is a little bit different. The adiPowers heel is slightly less compressible, and that’s really it.

With that being said, the Powerlift 2.0’s heel is not going to give you ANY issues at all. It’s just an upgrade for those who want it. Click here to see my Adidas Men’s Powerlift 2.0 Review

Adidas Powerlift 2.0 Sole

The sole is designed to grip the floor

Click here to see the latest price and read the great customer reviews.

The women’s Powerlift 2.0

Adidas Women's Powerlift 2.0

The women’s version of the Powerlift 2.0 is only different when it comes to the colors offered, and the size of the shoe itself.

That’s the only real difference between the two versions. The materials and features are exactly the same.

It’s the same excellent shoe in a slightly different form. For more details look at my Women’s Powerlift 2.0 Review

Click here to see the latest price and read the great customer reviews

The Adidas adiPower

adidas Adipower weightlifting shoe

And for the next shoe in the Adidas lifting shoe line up, we have the adiPower. This shoe has an amazing reputation, and it’s no surprise why.

It performs excellently to provide some of the best stability a lifting shoe can provide.

With a slightly higher heel than the Powerlift 2.0 it makes squatting much easier, without compromising on stability. The shoe is typically reported to be narrow, which is the norm for a weightlifting shoe.

You want them to be snug so there is no movement while you are doing a heavy lift with weight on your back.

However, if you have a wide foot you may want to go with a shoe with a wider toe box for comfort. There’s no reason a lifting shoe should be uncomfortable!

The only drawback to the adiPower is the price tag that comes along with it. For top of the line performance, you pay top of the line price.

That is why I would usually point a beginner or even someone with a little experience to the Powerlift 2.0 because that would probably meet or exceed their needs. However, they are significantly cheaper than the Nike Romaleo which is Nike’s comparable lifting shoe.

Click here to see the latest price and read the great customer reviews

Here’s a great video review of the Adipower and Powerlift 2:

The LeistungAdidas Leistung Lifting Shoe

The Adidas Leistung is the latest addition to the Adidas weightlifting shoe line up.

It’s primarily designed for olympic lifting because it has a 1″ heel, and makes some drastic changes from previous shoes in the Adidas line up.

It probably shares more similarities with the lesser known Drehkraft because of the unique boa lacing system it uses instead of laces and straps.

The design is also very different despite using most of the same materials as the Adipower.

It is still primarily made of TPU which is standard for most weightlifting shoes. The look is often a pretty polarizing topic with some people loving it and some hating it. One thing is for sure, it gets some attention!

This shoe is a top of the line weightlifting shoe. It can be worn for any compound lift, but olympic lifts are where it really shines the most.

That specialty comes at a price above what the Adipowers cost and for the Leistung I feel like that’s fair for how specialized they are.

The lacing system it uses is one of the most stand out features to me because frankly, it looks like a gimmick at first glance.

Thing is, it really isn’t a gimmick at all. It’s easy to use and very innovative. For more details read the full review here

Click here to see the latest price and user reviews on Amazon

To sum up Adidas lifting shoes…

Adidas weightlifting shoes are some of the best out there if not the best. I highly recommend them for anyone, because it would be hard to go wrong with what they are offering.

They provide a high quality, affordable, and excellent performing shoe for anyone looking to get more out of their workouts at the gym. They have a decent sized line-up that reaches everyone’s potential needs.

And just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you HAVE to go with the women’s version of the Powerlifts or any of these for that matter.

It just makes figuring out the sizing a little more difficult. If you have any Adidas shoes they can be used to help figure it out as their running shoes fit closely to these.

I hope this article has been informative and helps you make a decision that’s right for you!

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