New Balance Weightlifting Shoes

By | June 16, 2022

new balance weightlifting shoes

New Balance is an American footwear company mainly known for their running shoes. They have a great reputation for quality so naturally, we want to know if that extends to weightlifting.

The answer is…sort of. While they do not offer a dedicated weightlifting shoe, they have several pairs of cross-training shoes that would work well for CrossFit and moderate lifting exercises.

I wouldn’t recommend them if you are strictly doing squats and deadlifts as shoes made for those will get you more bang for your buck. But if you want a shoe that isn’t as specialized, they have some great pairs to choose from.

I’m kind of particular on the shoes I use to lift on the gym so you might not be as concerned with it as me though!

It’s really a shame, but I assume it’s because the reputation they have is almost entirely based on running shoes. Probably doesn’t make sense for them to go after the weightlifting shoe market, even though I wish they would.

On to the shoes!

The New Balance MX20v3 Minimus

New Balance Minimux MX20v4

The first shoe that I’d recommend if you are looking for a great cross trainer is the New Balance Men’s MX20v3 Minimus.

It is extremely lightweight and shaped for running/movement. My brother loves this shoe for the gym because of its minimal style.

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The Women’s WX20v4 Minimus

New Balance Minimus WX20v4

The next shoe seems like a natural one to follow the MX20v3, the New Balance Women’s WX20v4 Cross-Training and Weightlifting Shoe. The name’s a bit of a mouthful, but that’s the official one listed on Amazon.

It shares the same traits as the men’s version that make it an excellent choice for CrossFit workouts. I’m assuming the only real difference is the sizing.

I haven’t reviewed this one yet and might not just because it’s so similar to the other one. If you need a shoe capable of some mobility I highly recommend it.

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New Balance leaves a lot to be desired

It is unfortunate that New Balance really doesn’t offer too much in the way of weightlifting shoes. They make some excellent cross trainers that fit the bill really well for CrossFit, and not much else. Even then, if you know that you want to focus on that then you’re set.

If you are just looking for a weightlifting shoe, I recommend getting a pair that is designed for lifting and nothing else. Here are some great relatively cheap weightlifting shoes that fit the bill.

The Adidas Powerlift series is a great place to start if that sounds more up your alley. It’s a very affordable workout shoe to use without breaking the bank.

Maybe that’s just my personal preference speaking though, so decide based on your needs!

It is worth mentioning that if you want to get into running, I highly recommend getting a dedicated shoe for it. Not that you can’t do it in these, but speaking from personal experience I’ve had trouble with running in minimal style shoes in the past. The importance of proper foot support and strengthening the muscles in your feet is real.

The Minimus line is great for running in bursts during a workout. I just wouldn’t put any real mileage on a shoe that isn’t PERFECT for running distance, because for me that tends to be a one-way ticket to injury city.

If they ever end up releasing a shoe purely for weightlifting I will update this page to include it!

I hope they do one day because New Balance has earned a solid reputation for quality. It would be extremely interesting to see what they could put out there!

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