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Adidas Leistung Review

The most unconventional weightlifting shoe out there The Adidas Leistung seems to divide people into two groups immediately upon seeing it. Those who think it looks cool, and those who think it’s as ugly as they come. Personally, I had mixed feelings at first but I actually really like the look of it now. One… Read More »

Cheap Weightlifting Shoes

So you are looking for a pair of cheap lifting shoes. Maybe you’re a beginner lifter looking to take your lifts to the next level. Or maybe you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes for the gym. I can respect that. Either way, there are some good… Read More »

Adidas Drehkraft Review

The Adidas Drehkraft is a completely different beast from most weightlifting shoes that I’ve seen. Ever Instead of laces or a strap, It uses a unique”boa” lacing system to secure your feet in place. I’ve seen this in a few other shoes, but this was my first time seeing it. You could say that made… Read More »