VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe Review

By | July 27, 2021

VS Athletics Review


UPDATE: This shoe is no longer available on Amazon – I highly recommend you read my review of the VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe 2. It keeps what the original does right and looks a hell of a lot better.

The VS Athletics weightlifting shoe is designed for specifically for olympic lifts and might look a little bit rough around the edges. The real question is, how does it perform?

And the short answer is yes.

Function over form is the case here, and let’s be real: who cares how a shoe looks if it gets the job done. I guarantee no one cares what shoes you’re wearing, and if they do you’re better off without ’em.

Its low price relative to other lifting shoes makes it a compelling buy for that reason alone. If you’re on a budget and in the market for a dedicated olympic lifting shoe, you won’t find a better shoe for the money.

Let’s break it down and see how it holds up to the other olympic weightlifting shoes out there.

Let’s look at the defining features

VS Athletics Side View

  • Raised heel (3.3 cm or 1.29 inches)

This is probably one of the taller heels you’ll find in a weightlifting shoe. Heels with this height are made for olympic lifts such as the snatch and clean and jerk.

That makes it an excellent heel for squatting with too. The main drawback is a heel this tall will make deadlifting uncomfortable, because you are raised so high off the floor.

I would recommend a flat soled shoe for deadlifts or maybe even going barefoot. That is one of the only possible downsides to the VS Athletics in my opinion.

VS Athletics Top

  • Two support straps

I am a big fan of this feature simply because it ensures that your foot is not moving around in the shoe even more so than one strap does.

That always gets points from me, because the last thing you need doing a lift with a lot of movement is your foot moving around in the shoe.

There are a few shoes that do this as well such as the Romaleos 2, but it is still pretty rare to see. Not to mention, these do it for significantly less money.

  • Lower price point than most olympic weightlifting shoes

There are not as many affordable weightlifting shoes out there as a I would like. Especially when it comes to those ot the Olympic variety.

It’s probably because they are even more of a small market than average gym shoes already are.

This is one of the few that does a good job and isn’t skimping on the important weightlifting features an oly shoe needs.

You won’t find a comparably priced shoe that does as good of a job.

  • True to size fit

Weightlifting shoes typically are a little tricky to size, but the VS athletics seem to be one of the more reliable fitting pairs out on the market right now.

It’s not a huge deal, but it is definitely a nice thing when it saves you a little bit of hassle making sure you’re ordering the right size.

A lot of companies are known for having their shoes having a unique kind of sizing which can making choosing a lifting shoe harder than it needs to be.

You won’t have to check sizing charts obsessively, which should help to avoid having to deal with an ill-fitting pair.


Further thoughts

The most obvious thought that needs to be addressed because everyone is probably thinking it: yes, they aren’t lookers.

VS Athletics


In fact, they’re probably the plainest lifting shoe ever on this site. However, the look of your shoe is not going to increase your lifts or provide more stability. (Which is what actually matters here)

It’s a non-issue if you are looking for an affordable lifting shoe that excels in what it’s made for.

Especially when you stop to consider the low price compared to other lifting shoes on the market. You won’t find a better beginner shoe than this one if you’re interested in olympic lifts.

My gym shoes that look better haven’t landed me any girls in the gym yet! So it’s not a big deal when it’s a such a solid shoe for olympic lifting. Put the shoes on and get ready to move some weight.

Overall opinion of the VS Athletics Weightlifting shoe

VS Athletics Sole

This shoe has a very accurate fit, where as other brands can be a little bit harder to predict with their sizing. I hate the uncertainty with certain ones that shall remain unnamed for the sake of fairness.

These are often said to run a little wide, which is excellent for people with wider feet.

Even if you don’t have wide feet, it’s a nice advantage to have from a lifting shoe that will provide you with a little more stability.

To sum it all up, the VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe is a great olympic lifting shoe. Just because they cost less than other offerings does not mean that they are of lesser quality.

They’re a great alternative to the more expensive olympic shoes like the Romaleo or Adipower.

The trade off between the looks and price of them is well worth it. It makes them a solid choice for a beginner on a budget looking for a shoe that will get the job done and last for years to come.

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